Edyn's vision

To change the way we grow food

We’re a team of scientists, technologists, and designers creating tools that connect you to your garden to help your plants thrive.

Our People

Jason Aramburu


Jason Aramburu is the founder and CEO of Edyn. Jason is an ecologist and soil scientist with a passion for sensors and connected devices. He is an Echoing Green Fellow, Ashoka Fellow, Gates Foundation Grantee and one of Forbes’ 30 Social Entrepreneurs under 30. Jason previously founded and led re:char, a successful social enterprise developing carbon-negative fertilizers and soil amendments for small farmers around the world.

Jason holds a degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from Princeton University, and he worked as a soil scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in the Panamanian Rainforest.

Paul Cowgill


By day, Paul works with Edyn’s software engineers - back end, mobile, web, and firmware - and collaborates with the hardware engineering, R&D, data science, product, and design teams. Also by day, he spends his time architecting and writing code for Edyn’s node.js back end. By night, Paul is a huge fan of comedy and music.

Mamadou Bobo Diallo

Director Software Engineering

Bobo works with the engineering team to select the right technologies and maintain our platform's uptime. When he isn't practicing node jitsu or improving our mobile app, he spends his time pondering whether our universe is a simulation with black matter serving as a measurement probe.

Dustin Franco

Embedded Systems Engineer

Dustin writes firmware and studies soil at Edyn. You will either find him covered in mud in the soil lab or relaxing at his triple-desk. In his free time he enjoys circuit bending and tinkering with musical instruments.

Morgan Williams

VP Research and Development

Morgan manages Edyn’s product/services research and development strategy. This includes sensor optimization, development of decision trees for our recommendation algorithm, and general efforts to ensure continued innovation in the world of embedded ecological sensors.

Nickolay Shestopalov

Back-End Engineer

Nickolay Shestopalov spends most of his time developing new features and making sure Edyn's backend is top notch. He also enjoys playing with data and experimenting with his garden. When away from keyboard, Nickolay is probably picking fruit from the many fruit trees he is growing.

Stephen Handley

Back-End Engineer

Stephen writes software at Edyn. He enjoys rollerblading, hanging out with his dogs, and watching Cheers, but not necessarily in that order or at the same time.

Danielle Watts, Ph.D.

Data Scientist

Danielle takes care of Edyn's data science needs from algorithm development to creating data-driven customer support tools. By day she enjoys crafting pretty data visualizations, and in her freetime she is likely lost in the closest wilderness.

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